Film Categories

Full Frame

Brave, Independent, Unshaken. The characters in those stories strive for more than the World is willing to give them. They test democracy. They expect respect and justice. Or else, merely, to live in peace. They say to the World: “Check”.

(Beautiful) Contrasts of the Global World

Fascinating stories depicting one’s relationship with the Nature and with oneself. On one hand, a dairy of intimate desires: tenderness, tolerance, closeness. On the other hand, different facets of domination and entropy. A global image of the World, focused like in a lens. What do you make of the Human in it?.

The Art speaks of Freedom

In search of an untamed expression of one’s own identity, ideas, beliefs. Multidimensional Art provides an escape or a refuge from the destructive reality. Is it of any help though?

Crossing the Boundaries

Characters in those documentaries cross boundaries – both their own limits and those forced upon them by their communities. The boundaries of physical distance and those of the sense of alienation. They transcendent them. They desire, fight and never give up. Will they succeed?