Duration: 87 min.
Country od production: United States
Year of production: 2019
Film original language: Arabic, English, Hebrew
Director: Michael Rowley
Pictures: Michael Rowley
Editing: Michael Rowley
Sound: Eric Thompson –

In the shadow of a wall stands a New generation of Palestinian. With defiantcreativity, they prove that no matter theheight of the obstacle, one can always climb. Hurdle provides an inspiring and visceral look at the next generation of Palestinian youth living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
The characters, separated from one another and living in the shadow of the Israeli separation wall, are united in their pursuit of self-determination using a defiant creativity. The characters utilize the acrobatic sport of parkour and the art of storytelling through the lens of cameras as tools to attain freedom in a world of towering walls and constrictive checkpoints. Hurdle ultimately paints a poetic picture of the quest for freedom in the hearts of the next generation of Palestinian youth.