War Of Art Tommy Gulliksen

Tommy Gulliksen’s background as a political and current affairs-journalist has resulted in over 20 documentaries during his working years at broadcaster TV2, and production companies Dokumentaravdelingen and Norsk Fjernsyn AS. He has been awarded six and nominated for several Norwegian Emmys (Gullruten) and won the Nymphe D´Or in Monte Carlo for the documentary “Terror Island” about the terrorist attacks at Utøya.
He is one of four founders of Norsk Fjernsyn AS and works as a director and is currently working on three documentaries and series in different phases of development and production. Tommy has been following artist Morten Traaviks projects for many years and has traveled with him to North Korea several times, in 2015, as co-producer of the documentary film Liberation Day that was released worldwide in 2016.

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