Duration: 84 min.
Country of production: Polska
Year of production: 2019
Film original language: polski, angielski
Director: Tomasz Knittel
Pictures: Maciej Puczyński
Editing: Arek Iwaniuk
Sound: Filip Kuncewicz
Music: Manuel Alban Jose Juarez
Producers: Tomasz Knittel / Maciej Puczyński

Humble, almost intimate portrait of a neighboring community. The main characters in the film are thirty-five-year-old Krzysztof and his wife Ida. The house in Złota Street was retrieved as part of reprivatization, inherited from ancestors of Jewish origin. Their story is intertwined with the lives of other residents of the tenement house, including a 94-year-old retired accountant, an Afghan with a Ukrainian woman, and a Syrian refugee. ZŁOTA is a story about the search for one’s own place, as well as a painful study of the relationship.