Vote for Kibera

Duration: 90 min.
Country of production: Czech Republic
Year of production: 2018
Film original language: English
Director: Martin Páv
Pictures: Petr Racek
Editing: Matěj Beran
Sound: Adam Bláha
Music: Ondrej Mataj
Producer: Zuzana Kucerova

Photographer Don, a resident of Kibera, a giant slum in Nairobi, says that in his photographs he tries to capture the positive side of his home – not suffering, misery, and resignation, but hope, determination, and creativity. And Martin Páv’s documentary has taken a similar approach. Working with the unique photogenic qualities of the slum, the film is structured as a series of interviews with local residents. Besides Don, we also meet local artists, a teacher, and a boxing coach. Nevertheless, in the film’s final part about the presidential elections in Kenya, the frustrations, hopelessness, and violence in Kibera bubble to the surface.