We Could be Heros

Duration: 79 min.
Country of production: Denmark
Year of production: 2018
Film original language: Arabic
Website: www.bullittfilm.dk
Director: Hind Bensari
Pictures: Lovisa Dröfn
Editing: Sofie Steenberger
Sound: Roar Skau Olsen
Music: Tin Soheili
Producer: Vibeke Vogel, Habib Attia
Inwestors: Cinetéléfilms

When Azzedine Nouiri comes back home to Morocco from the London Paralympic Games with a gold medal and world record, he thinks his life is about to change and he will finally have the means to build a bright future and feed his family. However, he is instead immediately forgotten by the federation and the government who deny him the right to a salary, social care and even the right to train in his city’s athletics stadium.
But at the same time, he becomes the symbol of success for Youssef, a mentally disabled illiterate boy who has been isolated all his life and would now love to take the plane for the first time, see the world, be seen.
Motivated by his fight for social justice, Azzedine takes Youssef under his wings with the aim of making both of them reach the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. This unusual pair’s journey ends up being less about sport and more about the pains and the joys of their struggle to exist as men in a society uninterested in elevating those who are different.