Shadows Of The Empire

Duration: 76 min.
Country od production: Poland
Year of production: 2018
Film original language: russian, ukrainian, armenian
Website: Facebook
Director: Karol Starnawski
Pictures: Filip Drożdż
Editing: Paweł Kowalik
Sound: Grzegorz Różycki, Piotr Domaradzki
Music: Michał Drabczyk
Producer: Studio Filmowe KADR
Investors: Polish Film Institute

Although the Soviet Union disappeared from the world maps 30 years ago, the characters from the Nagorno Karabakh, Ukraine and Georgia still face the shadows of the „Empire”. Their lives show a complicated history of the post-soviet countries and their citizens, who, against the politics, try to defy their destiny and follow their dreams of life in peace.