School nr 3

Duration: 115 mins.
Year of production: 2016
Country of production: Ukraine
Director: Georg Genoux, Leisaveta Smith

“One year ago, I found out that life isn’t fair. And I still think that.” In familiar environment of their everyday life, thirteen young people talk about things that are important for them, about experiences, which changed their lives, about their first love, loss, hopes and fears. Teenagers from a school in Donbas, which got destroyed during the war in Ukraine and then rebuilt, stand in front of the camera. Thirteen different people share common space, both socially and emotionally. War is brought up only occasionally, but still it’s in the focus of the puristic and insistent narration. Although a ceasefire in a small city may last for longer, nobody sees it as peace. “School nr 3” is a continuation of a theatre project “My Mykolaivka”, which focuses on searching for the truth through aesthetics.