Man in his 40 Chooses to Smuggle

Duration: 56 min.
Year of production: 2009
Country of production: Poland, Congo
Director: Marcin Momoń

Abundance, mystery, magic, and at the same time hunger, war, genocide: Congo. This is where the diamonds on European stock markets come from. No one asks, how much blood was shed in order to sell them. Is there still some space for human feelings in such a crazy and mystic place like Congo? The main character of the film, Staszek – Polish diamonds smuggler – takes us on a journey to Congo. For him, coming back to Africa is like a drug. Does the Polish smuggler take advantage of the Congolese people, or on the contrary – does he help them survive? Film by Marcin Mamonia shows the interdependences between Europe, including Poland, and the African daily lifein an exceptional way. Did it cross your mind, while buying a diamond ring, where it came from and how it got to a Polish shop? What human story is behind it? It’s definitely one of the best Polish documentaries regarding international topics. Polish cinema on a top level.