The Map To Paradise James Sherwood

James Sherwood is a director, cinematographer and editor, who grew up in the film and television industry with the dream to become an underwater cinematographer. He has a Bachelor of Marine Science from James Cook University, holds a PADI Divemaster certificate, and has spent the last six years making short conservation documentaries about the land and the sea, such as ‘The Last Sea Treasure’, ‘My Saltwater Sanctuary’, ‘A Journey through the Eyes of the Reef’ and ‘Saltwater Secrets’, which have played at grassroots screenings with the support of NGOs Australia-wide. He has worked on a variety of works involving documentaries, commercials, music videos, promotional packages and other content for all the major Australian broadcast networks. From the moment James learned about the scientific movement to protect the ocean at university, he became hooked on this topic. He believes that it has the potential to restore underwater ecosystems and to create a better existence for humankind.

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